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Read my pinned post on my G+ profile to learn basic information about me.

Text chat "General Chat" {Please Skip The Pleasantries}
If you are not verified, you can join my anonymous group chat called "General Chat". In this group we chat about anything non sexual. If you talk sex or be stupid and post sexual content I will block you!
Anonymous Hangouts group chat: Join the conversation on Hangouts:

This chat has people from all corners of the planet. Different time zones, different languages..etc. Therefore, I don't really live-chat with people in a conventional way. Instead, this chat is mostly a journal of my day. I post things I'm doing that day even though there might not be anyone else on the chat; people do same and we all read each other's postings when we're online at our own time. You can join in and read what I and others posted and comment if you like. I will see it and reply back when I'm online. Sometimes there might be few people who are online at the same time.

On rare occasions I post updates on G+ when I'm on the anonymous Hangout chat, so if you follow me there you'll know when I'm online, join me then ;)

I am not a web cam model and I do not cam for money. However, I do cam for fun on Google hangout when I am bored, so come join me. We can talk about anything. You can tell me about your day or ask me questions and you can be anonymous if you wish.

One on one private cam session
It will never happen! Unless we got to know each other over time and I deemed you nice and trustworthy and I add you to my close friends circle in which case you will have my phone number and we will be like close friends. Do not assume and read this blog to know more about this!

Things not to do in a chat! This will get you banned!
Special requests, asking me for a private shows, asking for pix or to get naked..etc. I don't want to hear about my sites or pictures you've seen of me on the Internet. No advertising your girlfriend or other models. Don't post links to your chats or anything else on the Internet. Do not spam or market shit to users in the chat. We are in the cam session to talk about our day, de-stress, have a beer and wind down. If you violate this rule you will be permanently banned from all my sites. If there are genuine things you wish to tell me or discuss anything about whatever, play it safe and email me ( about them, don't be stupid and never assume!

If you email me and I do not respond to you it means either I am not interested or you weren't detailed enough. Remember I get tons of general questions and emails and I can't respond to all of them so be detailed, skip pleasantries and get straight to point or you won't get a response. Keep in mind I have an aggressive spam filter; any vulgar words, attachments...etc and I won't even see your email.

Video chat "Verified Chat"
Rarely in the "General Chat". I don't video conference with anonymous people. However, I have another "Verified Chat" via invite only after you verify yourself to me.

To verify yourself (Read here) you'll need to take a clear portrait picture of your face holding a paper with my name Lynnkay "hand" written on it with the date, all showing in the same picture clearly! I must see your fingures holding the paper with your face and the writing on the paper must be easily read!

Keep in mind this is just simple cam chat about anything. The purpose of the cam chat is to relax and de-stress. We all go make coffee, grab a beer and chat. The average chat time goes anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours depending on us in the chat.

I will know everyone in the group chat and I will use your chat handle so you can remain anonymous.

If you have any questions comment below and I will respond.



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